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“Bring inspiration and innovation in Infrastructure,  By the People, for the People”
Unity Cement is founded by Mr. Punit Mohanbhai Chovatiya (Chairman & MD of PMC Group) Apart from Cement, PMC group also has  Construction industry & other businesses like

Unity Cement sprang to life in December 2023 & has an annual capacity of  1.2 Million Ton, this   large scale Cement  Plant  is located at Patidad village, Gondal, Rajkot (Gujarat) with modern technology in collaboration with FL Smidth – Denmark (world leader in cement technology)

Unity Cement has a plan to increase it’s annual capacity to 1.8 Million Ton  by the end of 2025. Also company will expand it’s wings in construction industry by taking an entry in RMC, Construction Chemicals & Solar Power Plant.

Our Mission

We see challenges as opportunities to break norms and defy convention. Though fresh in the Cement Industry, a decade of experience in Construction  segment has led us to believe that our Values of providing best Quality & Service will definitely give us a lead in competition, Thus Unity cement has a mission of becoming a  top Cement brand in it’s territory.

With our Values & Vision of Uniting Emotions & Trust of Customer’s to providing an unmatched Strength to their Construction, Unity Cement is ready to deliver the best Cement.

Unity Cement’s Chairman's Message

As we navigate the complexities of the 21st century, we find ourselves facing numerous challenges, especially in meeting the ever-growing demand for top-quality building materials. With a legacy spanning over two decades in this industry, Unity Cement is unwavering in its commitment to bridge the gap between supply and demand with solutions that prioritize quality and sustainability.

Unity Cement has emerged as a brand that embodies the collective dreams and aspirations of many. The term “Unity” encapsulates not only what we do but also how we do it, emphasizing our dedication to collaboration and unity in our approach to achieving excellence.

Our group’s presence extends across a diverse range of industries, and our promise remains the same: to deliver superior products and services in every sector we operate in. We take immense pride in our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, whose dedication is matched only by our exceptional quality control standards, designed to meet and even exceed international benchmarks.

I am confident that our unwavering commitment to excellence will continue to set us apart in the marketplace. Unity Cement is steadfast in its pursuit of becoming the leading provider of quality cement products in our domain.

Together, let us build a stronger and more sustainable future.

In the 21st century, a nation’s infrastructural prowess is often judged based on its urban landscapes and skyscrapers gracing its skyline. However, the ability of its infrastructure sector to create engineering marvels is contingent on the quality of its most crucial component – cement. This is precisely where we step in – We are Unity Cement.

Established in the year (Year), Unity Cement is a brand that serves a multitude of industries in constructing a rock-solid foundation for their infrastructural ventures. With a team of seasoned professionals, expert engineers, and dedicated labor force, Unity Cement has been ceaselessly striving to emerge as India’s fastest-growing cement brand.

At the core of this endeavor lie fundamental values such as Quality Assurance, Integrity, Honesty, Trust, Sustainability, Commitment, and Transparency. These values have been so deeply ingrained in the fabric of our company that Unity Cement has risen as a prominent name. Fueled by an unwavering dedication to delivering nothing short of excellence, Unity Cement’s diligent workforce pursues perfection in every project, regardless of its scope or magnitude.

Use of best quality raw materials processed in state of art technology plant, equipped with sophesticated process control and monitoring equipments with high emphasis on strict quality checks at each processing stages makes Unity Cement a perfect choice for verities of cement to make our valued customer always delighted. PMC under UNITY flagship is manufacturing two types of cement 1) Ordinary Portland Cement 53 Grade and 2) Portland Pozzolona Cement (Part 1)

Our Products have featured for High Compressive strengths, High Consistency, Higher Fineness, Low Heat of Hydration, Optimum Particle size Distribution, Low Alkali & Chloride Content, Moderate Sulphate Resistant

In addition to our advanced and sophisticated machinery, our facility boasts an in-house Research & Development center and quality control hub. Outfitted with best-in-class analyzers, this center ensures quality at various production stages. Unity Cement is committed to inclusive growth, exemplified by our tradition of uplifting the community through job opportunities.